Privileged Tactics I - Artists' Statement

Stealing has always existed and always will as long as money will be around.

The neoliberal capitalist system facilitates the process of ‘legal’ theft from the poor to the powerful. Unregulated commerce driven by profit alone, without regard to human values or environmental concerns, has increased the gap between developing and developed nations. In wealthy countries we see nothing wrong with exploiting the developing world for its natural resources and cheap labour. We do our best to protect our privileges through immigration controls such as the Schengen border. But it is an illusion to believe that our prosperity is secure and capitalism will never end. Every day the pressure grows for the majority of the world’s population.

Stealing from multinational corporations is a form of resistance. We can use the same tactics as the global capitalist system in order to survive, as well as to undermine that system.
When is stealing criminal, and when is it a privileged tactic?
This project takes something that is hidden and puts it in the collective arena. Like a homeopathic remedy, a small amount of criminal activity within the safety of our society may help cure delusion and indifference to bigger cri