Privileged Tactics II - Personal Model


Zaballeen Model
Personal Model


Using RFID technology, consumers can scan products and access information about a product, such as:

- its carbon footprint (CO2 production)
- other waste/pollution produced
- how far it traveled to reach the place of purchase
- what percentage of recycled products are used in the manufacturing
- how this product will be disposed of/recycled
- the environmental policy of the manufacturer



Web pages are colour coded to allow for easy identification of “greener” products

The webpages contain links to further pages with different levels of information. For example, a plastic bottle may contain 20% plastic recycled. The consumer can then access information about the recycled materials and the process of their production

Bottle A - Recycling Data
Recycling Information:  
Percentage materials recycled


Plastic recycled by Moqattam, Cairo
CO2 produced in recycled materials 0.0002 kg
Energy used 0.001 kw